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The potterton myson puma 80 has a sap seasonal efficiency rating of 75. Mar, 2020 the potterton suprima replacement pcb kit manual says that flashing red 3 timessec indicates an air pressure switch aps fault or a flow switch fault. Mar 08, 2012 my potterton puma 80 years old has had pilot problems in that it kept going out circa 56 times a day usually when drawing hot water. This water is taken away from the boiler to a suitable drain at times of low temperature a white plume can be seen at the boiler flue terminal on the outside of your house. Just click on the model or the gas council number and the manual will download at the bottom of the page, when the download has finished double click the download and the manual will open right click to save. The range of consists of permanent pilot and electronic versions in both 24 kw and 29 kw 100,000btuh outputs. The potterton puma range of boilers are fully automatic, wall mounted, fan assisted, room sealed combination boilers, designed to operate on natural gas only. Potterton puma flowswitch for the following boilers. Download installation and servicing instructions of potterton puma 80e boiler for free or view it online on. I have a potterton puma 80e boiler i think thats what it is only moved into my first house 6 weeks ago.

Where can i get a user manual for a potterton puma 80 80e. Potterton puma 80 e, good hot water but central heating not working youtube. Potterton puma 80 boiler not firing diy doctor uk diy forums. Ak boiler spares potterton puma 80 sit spare parts. How do i control it to keep it on say for 1 hr in the morning and 1 hr in the evening,rest of the time i dont need the hot water supply. Potterton puma 80 works fine with central heating, but without ch on, it does not produce hot water. Potterton primaf 30100 boiler manual heating spares ltd. If you are looking for literature of products that we no longer manufacture you should be able to find these below. Potterton puma 80 boiler spares potterton puma 80 boiler. Warranty potterton provide a 12 month warranty on this boiler. Exploded view diagrams and parts lists for the potterton puma 80. All of our boiler manuals are free to download from our boiler manuals section. Potterton assure heat installation and service manual. Now pilot has gone out and cant relight it no spark at all.

Potterton puma 80e boiler installation and servicing. Buy the potterton 2118601 pcb combi 80 100 puma from direct heating spares. I have a potterton 80e boiler and i think it is currently not working because the pilot light has gone out. I have tried everything and increased the pressure to the required 1mbar level using a valve and also bled the radiators of air pockets and there is no air left i think. View our free downloadable potterton boiler manuals. This version of potterton puma 80e manual compatible with such list of devices, as. Just click on the model or the gas council number and the manual will download at the bottom of the page.

View potterton fault codes view potterton boiler manuals. Initially the boiler was showing low pressure warning light, pressure gauge was was up in 4 bar, i bled a radiator and got it down to 1. Combi boiler pressure refill, low pressure fault, fix lockout, potterton. Department, adlink uk limited, nagi house, alperton lane, wembley, ha0 1dx. I have no clue as to how to control the hot water supply. I have a potterton puma 80 combi boiler running 8 radiators contolled by a single stand alone thermostat in the hallway. User manuals, guides and specifications for your potterton puma 80e boiler.

The boiler problems detailed in the article above apply to the puma 80, puma 80e, puma 100 and puma 100e combi boilers. Potterton promax 24 he potterton puma 80 potterton puma 80e potterton puma. If you find that there is something that you still need you can ring the baxi customer support service centre on 0344 871 1545 who will be happy to help you or you can look the parts arena database. The puma 80 is a noncondensing combi boiler with a maximum power output of 24. Boiler manuals for the potterton puma 80e appliance.

Database contains 3 potterton puma 80e manuals available for free online viewing or downloading in pdf. Potterton puma 80e manuals and user guides, boiler manuals. After you have downloaded the manual double click on the download for the manual to open, if you want to save the download right click. Had new gas valve fitted about 10 days ago didnt sort the problem. Alternatively right click to save to a custom location. Feb 05, 2012 customer was complaining that the boiler is making countless attempts to ignite the flame.

Potterton puma 80e combination gas boiler faults, problems. Potterton kingfisher 2 rs 60 rs 80 rs 100 installation. Plumb arena supplies complete range of potterton puma 80 boiler spares, potterton puma 80 boiler spare parts at very competitive prices. The potterton literature library contains documents for all current potterton products as well as discontinued product literature. Before placing your order you must check your part matches the manufacturer part number stated above. I can get hot water but, and i am sure you have heard this plenty before, no ch. Any particular manuals you are unable to find, please get in touch.

All potterton puma 80 boiler spares are available to order online or collect from our trade counter. Well i think it is the 80e over the 80 as i have the manual with the part number which upon searching the net relates to 80e. Obsolete boiler pack sit puma 100 potterton part n o. Potterton suprima gas boiler faults, problems and faultfinding. We opened the boiler up to check if a flow switch was fitted sometimes called a dry fire switch but there was none on this boiler. Potterton suprima 30 80 he user guide boiler manual.

We recommend that you upgrade to a new, more efficient boiler to help reduce fuel bills and carbon dioxide emissions. Potterton user manuals listed below are all the potterton user manuals. Spares such as the gas valve, pcb, printed circuit board pcb, diverter valve, fan, expansion vessel, pump that fit the potterton puma 80e sit boiler can be found here. Potterton combi 80 boiler potterton puma 80 boiler for more information please click on the specification tab. My potterton puma 80 years old has had pilot problems. Was suggested that if that didnt fix it might need new boiler. Potterton combi 80 puma boiler fault locking out, noisy hissing, repair and pressure refill.

Just click on the model or the gas council number and the manual will download at. Im on a tight budget, so looking for the cheapest i can really. Wall mounted, fanned, room sealed combination boiler. Samples of the potterton suprima gas boilers have been examined by british gas plc, a united kingdom notified body.

Potterton puma 80 boiler parts potterton puma 80 boiler parts available at clickongroup. Potterton boiler electronic timer help page 1 homes. Jan 03, 2012 can anyone recommend a cheap combi boiler to replace a potterton puma 80. With the recent cold snap ive finally grown tired of waking up, and returning home, to a cold flat, so i figured id tackle the timer on the boiler. Potterton combi 100 potterton puma 100 e potterton puma 100 potterton puma 80 e potterton puma 80 gc 4739303 potterton puma saver. This is water vapour due to your boiler condensing and is normal. This is a wall mounted fan assisted balanced flue gas boiler. Failure to install and maintain this appliance in accordance with the manufacturers instructions may invalidate the warranty. My boiler has the low system pressure indicator light on. About safety the gas safety installation and use regulations 1998. About the boiler see inside cover for models covered by these instructions. Powermax p769 pcb full sequence ignition controller.

We have a wide range of spare parts for the potterton puma 80e sithoneywell. Obsolete boiler pack sit puma 80 potterton part n o. Download a range of potterton boiler manuals for the potterton envoy, kingfisher, prima ranges and more. Buy the potterton 2118601 pcb combi 80100 puma from direct heating spares. I have a potterton puma 80 boiler and it wont fire. Clearances around the boiler the following minimum clearances must be maintained after installation, for correct operation and servicing of the boiler. Potterton puma 80e combi boiler doesnt have any heating but hot water is working. I run my central heating and the boiler ignites for about 20 seconds then stops. Obsolete boiler pack sit puma 100e potterton part n o. Potterton boiler manuals gas call services 02920 140240.

To view the associated documentation and manuals for your boiler, please select from a category below. Dec 07, 2011 i have a potterton 80e boiler and i think it is currently not working because the pilot light has gone out. Hi there hope you can help, i have browsed this site a couple of times and the advice seems to be pretty darn good and by the sounds of things acurate, so here goes with my boiler problem. At hot water demand, boiler does not alight pilot works and after short time water pressure is reduced as if flow is somehow restricted, although all supply water valves are open. Obsolete boiler pack sit puma 80e potterton part n o. The potterton puma 80e and puma 100e boilers and the puma 80 and puma 100 permanent pilot combi boilers all use a similar expansion vessel and 3 bar pressure relief safety valve. The 80, 80e and saver models adjust automatically to. There are no instruction re lighting the pilot and it looks as though the whole front casing not just the detachable lower part needs to be removed to get to the pilot. I orginally thought this was an issue with the pilot light, waking up on a cold snow covered morning to no heating annoying with further.

You may try other combinations to find the particular model you need. Potterton combi 80 puma boiler fault locking out, noisy. Discussion in plumbing and central heating started by mehek, 18 jan 2014. Ive had a quick search on the forum, and i cant find a solution to my problem.

Potterton myson puma 80 gas boiler efficiency rating. Potterton ultra system installation and servicing manual. Combi boiler pressure refill, low pressure fault, fix. Obsolete wallplug for no 12 screw potterton part n o. I think the only difference between the 2 is 80e is electronic ignition and the 80 is a permanent ignition. Potterton kingfisher 2 rs 60 rs 80 rs 100 installation servicing manual gc model fuel type 4160719 kingfisher 2 rs 60 ng 4160720 kingfisher 2 rs 80. Where can i get a user manual for a pottert on puma 80 80e. In due course we will provided the ability to search on multiple terms and by gc no. User guides, range guides or installation and servicing manuals. At direct heating spares we offer a wide range of potterton boiler parts, this page contains links to all of the free potterton boiler manuals we have on our system.

Boiler manuals for the potterton puma 80, 80e, 100, 100e range. If you require the user manual click through the link. The manuals title will indicate if they are installation,user manual or other types of manuals or resources. Potterton 1018750 puma 80 fan potterton puma 80 sit parts this fan is situated within the boiler, its function is to make sure toxic gases such as co carbon monoxide are removed from the boiler. Hi, ive just moved in a another flat which has this old potterton puma 80 boiler. Search box to search by gc no you can enclose with speech marks ie 41xxxxx, or you can enter a combination such as 41 567. Potterton puma 80 boiler manual readdownload it has the above combi boiler fitted with an external timer control and thermostat. Auto air vent assembly 1018728 potterton puma 80 sit. Free potterton boilers manual download goto gas docs. Where can i get a user manual for a potterton puma 8080e. Jan 15, 2017 potterton combi 80 puma boiler fault locking out, noisy hissing, repair and pressure refill. We have over 20,000 items in stock and available next day. Potterton puma replacement moneysavingexpert forum. It was fine yesterday and the light goes off when the reset button is pressed, but the boiler makes an awful noise after about 15.

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