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Cap 694 the uk flight planning guide introduction page 1 introduction this publication is intended as guidance for the completion and submission of vfr and ifr flight plans fpls and it will be updated and reissued as necessary. Click here to download my icao flight plan form in microsoft excel format. Choosing send as message will bring up a dialogue box. To provide data required to process flight plans with appropriate air traffic service authorities. Log time flight plan and weather log on reverse side. There are many ways to digitally plan such a flight aopa has a very nice online flight planner for members but my preference is to do it the old school way. Flight plan, weight and balance, and various other information that you will fill out on the ground and maybe refer to in the air, printed upsidedown so you fold it and clip the inside right panel to your kneeboard. Far part 91 requires you file an ifr flight plan to operate under instrument flight rules in controlled. A file is retained by the agency processing the flight plan. It will utilize the resources available to you as an atp student. Flight plan fields contd pilot web tip card aircraft. The easiest way to make this determination is to look your approach over and see if you can fly the entire procedure without the aid of radar approach control. Ifr flight planning form keep all your ifr paperwork in one place. Jyo ingressegress on 1226 no flight plan required fringe airport egress no flight plan required towered airport pattern work make request to tower 4.

It incorporates information previously issued by aeronautical information circulars aics on ifr and vfr. Hi there, this chance we deliver you various perky pictures that we collected in case you need them, in this gallery we are focused about vfr flight planning worksheet. Cheat sheets, flight preparation, general aviation, weather tags. Ifr and vfr are understood, however for yfr and zfr know the following. The navigation log is printed on the right side of both the front and back to provide room for 22 check pointsmore than enough for. Speaking of flying the aviation book from 44 authors is available again as paperback and ebook. Can be used either folded or flat to allow the pad to work equally well on any size kneeboard. Airmets, carb ice, clouds, cold front, fog, high pressure, low pressure, sigmets, warm front, weather charts. Our ifr flight planning enroute form is ergonomically correct laid out cleverly to be usable on a standard kneeboardand informationally richproviding a host of important features the others just dont. Ch runway time check departure destination airport frequencies notes totals.

Filing of a vfr flight plan is recommended as a good operating practice. Flight rulesindicate flight rules governing the flight. The best and only excelbased vfr flight planner youll. Choosing create pdf will create and bring up a pdf file to either open or save. Icao flightplan form basics some verbiage and examples adapted directly from pansatm icao doc 4444 amdt 1. This supplement is designed as an exercise to demonstrate that you understand the important relationships and concepts of vfr flight planning. Emailing your flight plan you can email a copy of your flight plan by selecting the forward icon in the right hand corner of the screen. You have filed the following flight plan to cyyc calgary international airport. Within the icao flight plan, this may be vfr, ifr, yfr, or zfr.

Ifr in a singlepilot operation only if the holder has conducted a flight or simulated flight under the ifr in a singlepilot operation within the previous 6 months. Filing a visual flight rules flight plan is recommended but not mandatory. The purpose of this lesson is to assist an ifr pilot by explaining the purpose and requirements of a good ifr flight plan. If a preferred route is published to your destination, you should file it in your flight plan. The flight plan form as well as the instructions to complete the form are available in adobe acrobat and microsoft word 97. Approved call signs and flight identifiers may also be entered here, such as cap1073. Far part 91 requires you file an ifr flight plan to operate under instrument flight rules in controlled airspace. At the conclusion of this lesson, the ifr pilot will be able to identify the parts of the flight plan i. Here is an overview of a bunch of information i gathered about weather and reading charts.

Departure time proposed z actual z notes and notams 3. Free icao flight plan form in microsoft excel format the. Even if youre an ifr pilot there are times you just feel like flying a trip as vfr. Designed for use in the professional pilot technology program at the university of cincinnati, this universal flight plan form is the most versatile form available. I used it for both vfr and ifr flight plans and i used it in different countries without any problem. The atp vfr flight planning training supplement will guide you through the flight planning process. While we talk about vfr flight planning worksheet, weve collected several related pictures to complete your references. What you do in flight has not changed, and the requirements for flights under the ifr and vfr have not changed see aip and ersa. The information is used by air traffic controllers, search and rescue sar personnel, flight standards inspectors, accident investigators, military, law enforcement, and the department of homeland security. It is faa policy to make factual information available to persons properly and directly concerned except information held confidential for good cause, i.

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